4 Steps To Starting a Successful Wedding Business..

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Steps to Start a Wedding Business

“4 Steps To Starting a Successful Wedding Business..”

“Watch the Video Above to Discover the 4 Key  Steps to Start a Successful Wedding Business”


As a very successful business owner, author and entrepreneur…  I am going to reveal my 4 Critical Steps to starting the foundations of a very successful wedding business…  My video above reveals how I went from a small wedding business start up to a turnover of $400,000 within 2 years, and how I built a nationally recognised wedding planning and styling business from nothing.  In summary, my experience in varied, and along my journey, I have published a Wedding Book on Amazon, built a ‘Top 5’ Wedding Planning  App on itunes, and directed a very successful wedding franchise chain. 


In Summary, my video details these critical steps to building a successful wedding business:




Passion is the number one drive to being successful at anything.  In my experience it is the most passionate wedding professionals that succeed in business. So love what you do, and let it show in your work! 




1. If you can- respond to brides enquiries within 24 hours


2. Build Trust in your services


3. Under promise and over deliver


4. Show your clients that you care and go the extra mile…




1. Your websites will be your number one marketing tool- it will do the selling for you! Almost all brides will check out your website first before making a decision to enquire about your service.


2. Its crucial that your website is up to date and looking amazing- make sure you spend the time getting it right.


3. Make sure you have links back to social media sites. Brides like to check you out on line and see what you are all about before enquiring. So make sure you give your brides an opportunity to engage with you.


3. Your Website must be easy to navigate, and have your contact details in a prominent position, making it easy for your client to contact you or enquire. ( its amazing how many websites I come across where you cant easily find a phone number to call and ask a question!)


4. Showcase any testimonials that you have from past brides- this builds credibility


5. Include a photo-gallery of your work.  If you don’t have pictures of weddings that you have done,  you can put together your own inspiration boards or mood boards- demonstrating different looks a bride might be interested in.




1. Images are so important, as so many brides are so visual!


2. If you don’t have any images to use because you are just starting out-  you can do a promotional ‘photoshoot’  to showcase what you can do, or paint a picture of what a dream wedding day might look like for your client.


3. Make sure all imagery on your website is as professional as possible. After all- you are selling a dream!


So that’s it!  Those are more critical 4 steps to creating a foundation of success in your wedding business!  If you are finding these steps useful- please share your comments on our facebook page here..



Share The Love!!!  Comment On These Steps below! 


Annette x
The Wedding Planner Institute


P.S – Look out for my next video I will be sending soon- that will detail the marketing secrets to getting your business out there! 
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