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  • β€œThis course helped me get my dream job on the Events Team at one of Sydney’s best wedding Reception Venues! The Qualification looked amazing in my portfolio, and the work experience really helped me build my experience in the industry- which helped me land a job! ”

    Stephanie Steigner
    Stephanie Steigner Wedding Planning Course Student
  • " I am studying the Wedding Planning Course and I am so excited I just wanted to let you know I already have 2 weddings that have booked me ! Thankyou!"

    Jacqui Stock-Webster
    Jacqui Stock-Webster Wedding Planning Course
  • "I have just completed the Wedding Planning Course and I got a job at a Wedding Venue in Brisbane ! I'm super happy and excited- Β I finally got a paid job in the industry!! Thank-you so so much for your help!" Β 

    Stacey West
    Stacey West Wedding Planning Course Student
  • " I just wanted to say a quick thank you for my wedding planning course. I have had it for just over 1 week and I absolutely could not be loving it more! AND to top it off, I am already booked for the planning of two weddings and an engagement party! I really cant thank you enough,Β I cant wait to finish the course Β (If only studying at school was this much fun!)"

    Gemma Forsythe
    Gemma Forsythe Wedding Planning Course Student
  • " Thank-you so much! The information in the wedding planning course is always so informative and inspiring. You have always been fantastic with support especially with help in getting contact within the industry!"

    Kat Foster
    Kat Foster Wedding Planning Course Student
  • " I just wanted to let you know that my pack has arrived and it is beautiful! I instantly fell in love with it! I spent all weekend looking through it! Thank-you again for everything- you have been amazing!"

    Leena Dixon
    Leena Dixon Wedding Planning Course Student
  • "I loved this wedding planning course! The work experience was very beneficial to me- as I got to see and feel what was involved in a wedding first hand. I learnt that its not just your ideas you need to work with but a variety of other peoples as well. This course has opened my mind to a quiver of opportunities I didn't anticipate!"

    Karissa Stewart
    Karissa Stewart Wedding Planning Course Student
  • "This Wedding Planning Course by far the best course available! I highly reccommend it to anyone who is looking at getting into a field that they are so passionate about! I got full support when ever I needed it, and the assessment gave me a real world feel of planning weddings! Β I absolutely loved it!"

    Melissa Tabet
    Melissa Tabet Wedding Planning Course Student
  • " I'd like to thank-you for the course materials provided in the program- it helped me plan my own overseas wedding- something I can use for my portfolio! I found the course very useful- especially how to deal with wedding suppliers and vendors!"

    Maria L Stephanie
    Maria L Stephanie Wedding Planning Course Student
  • "Last week i made a decision to take a different step in my creative journey and help people make the biggest day of their lives, one of the best days of their lives. Really excited to be embarking on this new path and cant wait to see where it leads me.."

    Hayley Nicol
    Hayley Nicol Wedding Planning Course Student
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